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As a passionate Dog Trainer in Rhode Island, I make sure to give my clients and their pets the utmost attention and dedication they deserve. I’m proud to showcase the following testimonials from some of my valued clients. Read their critiques of our sessions to see what it is like to train with Breaking Bad Dog Training.

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Mike G. :


Background- We have a St Bernard puppy and thought it was important to develop good habits young being such a big breed. We also have a 5 year old daughter and this is really her first experience wit a puppy. After researching available trainers in my area we chose Breaking Bad and Kristen. She established the initial consult and we booked her for 4 private sessions immediately. Best decision ever. The difference with Daisy has been night and day. The progress she has made in 3 short weeks is unbelievable. Kristen is just training the puppies, she’s training the owners as well. To be honest I think we needed it more than the puppy. Kristen has helped us develop a method that works for Daisy and she progresses on a daily basis. She also gets my daughter involved in the training which is both phenomenal and adorable. Speaking of daily basis, Kristen checks in with my wife daily just to see how everything is going. We had a session a few weeks back where Daisy was being lazy. Kristen called back that afternoon and said she wasn’t happy with the session today and could she come back tomorrow. Kristen displays a passion and dedication for her trade and the puppies that is infectious. I could not more highly recommend her services. I look forward to watching my “little” puppy continue to progress.




Every once in a while you make a decision on blind faith and it pays off BIG TIME.
We rescued a 12 week old puppy from Texas and quickly learned we needed pro help as we haven't been puppy parents for 20 years and this little girl was a nut-job and may have been heading down a bad path behavior wise.

Kristin got right back to me after my initial web page inquiry.

When she arrived, she was relaxed and professional and her kind, caring, genuine personality was obvious from the start.

She CARES about our fur-baby.

Her training skills were so effective even from the initial consultation that this little pup was learning: come, sit, shake and down (heel) and most important to us was her going in her crate when asked as this is something we really want her to master and be comfortable with.

Kristin made it known that our role is crucial in her training and gave us handouts for our homework and skills to be met.

By the second session, our pupper was learning: "touch" (snoot boops), learning to jump into her bed and "leave it" (biting stuff) and stay. We are able to redirect the evening zoomy/crazy time with physical and mental workouts for her that is good for all of us.

The entire time during these sessions, Kristin is upbeat, fun and it really feels like we've known her forever. We trust her to do the best thing for all of us.

I'm so happy we connected with her. I am excited for the future of what this little doggo is going to learn, master and how her confidence is going to grow.

You cannot go wrong choosing her to help with your fur-kids.

Thank you Kristin!!



The Greene Family:

Kristen was wonderful with our newly adopted shelter dog, Cassie. Cassie had a few behavioral issues and is now so sweet and gentle. I love that she came to the home and was available anytime and could text her if we had any questions. Kristen is a true professional, you can tell she is very passionate about her job and the animals.

Thank you so much for coming into our lives and teaching us how to work with our girl, Cassie. She is such a sweet girl now. We don't know what we would have done without you! We will miss you!



Joanne B. :


I was feeling a bit more challenged with my new pup Penny and am so happy I found Breaking Bad Dog training! Kristen has shown by great example and patience how to understand Penny and replace no's and don’ts with yes and positive encouragement. The human uses words, dogs understand energy and tones. I am grateful for this learning experience!!!



Trisha G.:

Kristin really knows what she's doing with these pups!  As soon as she walked through my golden retriever was behaving better immediately!  She is so patient and knowledgeable!  It's very apparent that doggies are her passion.  After only one session, my baby is already doing great! You won't be disappointed!



Jamie M. :

Having a dog has been something our family has wanted for so long. We anticipated getting one last summer but the pandemic actually sped that up. We happily welcomed Yoshi into our family in May of last year but finding someone to help with training & socializing was not easy. I worked with Kristin years ago & knew what a warm & kind soul she is so I didn't hesitate to reach out for her help. We had our first session with her today & after a warm up period, Yoshi was responding well & learned a few new tricks/commands. We're excited to see where she takes us & are confident with her knowledge, patience & loving touch.




Kristin is incredible! After only 2 sessions, my little pup confidently knows over 8 commands. I never would have thought this was even possible! Kristin is so kind and personalizes the training for each puppy. The training sessions have been so fun and informative. I feel so lucky to be working with Kristin and could not recommend breaking bad dog training enough!! Truly amazing!

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