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Every once in a while you make a decision on blind faith and it pays off BIG TIME.
We rescued a 12 week old puppy from Texas and quickly learned we needed pro help as we haven't been puppy parents for 20 years and this little girl was a nutjob and may have been heading down a bad path behavior wise.

Kristin got right back to me after my initial web page inquiry.

When she arrived, she was relaxed and professional and her kind, caring, genuine personality was obvious from the start.

She CARES about our furbaby.

Her training skills were so effective even from the initial consultation that this little pup was learning: come,sit,shake and down (heel) and most important to us was her going in her crate when asked as this is something we really want her to master and be comfortable with.

Kristin made it known that our role is crucial in her training and gave us handouts for our homework and skills to be met.

By the second session, our pupper was learning: "touch" (snoot boops), learning to jump into her bed and "leave it" (biting stuff) and stay. We are able to redirect the evening zoomy/crazy time with physical and mental workouts for her that is good for all of us.

The entire time during these sessions, Kristin is upbeat, fun and it really feels like we've known her forever. We trust her to do the best thing for all of us.

I'm so happy we connected with her. I am excited for the future of what this little doggo is going to learn,master and how her confidence is going to grow.

You cannot go wrong choosing her to help with your furkids.

Thank you Kristin!!

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