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3 weeks ago
Background- We have a St Bernard puppy and thought it was important to develop good habits young being such a big breed. We also have a 5 year old daughter and this is really her first experience wit a puppy. After researching available trainers in my area we chose Breaking Bad and Kristen. She established the initial consult and we booked her for 4 private sessions immediately.

Best decision ever.

The difference with Daisy has been night and day. The progress she has made in 3 short weeks is unbelievable. Kristen is just training the puppies, she’s training the owners as well. To be honest I think we needed it more than the puppy. Kristen has helped us develop a method that works for Daisy and she progresses on a daily basis. She also gets my daughter involved in the training which is both phenomenal and adorable.

Speaking of daily basis, Kristen checks in with my wife daily just to see how everything is going. We had a session a few weeks back where Daisy was being lazy. Kristen called back that afternoon and said she wasn’t happy with the session today and could she come back tomorrow.

Kristen displays a passion and dedication for her trade and the puppies that is infectious. I could not more highly recommend her services. I look forward to watching my “little” puppy continue to progress.

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